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Social Media runs the world now. Does it run your business?

In six weeks, the world has become a very different place. It has pushed us to question everything we took for granted. At White & Grey Media, it has made us question everything about how we build communication for brands. Here is a list of the top 5 questions and the new answers. 

1. Whare is the audience? / Where has the audience gone?

This report shows that the corona virus lockdown has pushed everyone online, with a 50-fold increase in social media activity. (January vs. March 2020)

Has your brand communication shifted too? It should,because by all accounts, this will be the new normal.

2. How do brands engage? / How to be heard during a crisis?

The corona virus has dominated every conversation, from relationships to politics, and some brands have shown how you can lead in an uncertain world.

It is important for you to get on social media and talk about how your brand is human. That is the only way you will be heard.

3. Do you market through social media? 

Unprecedented change makes you focus on priorities, and every brand’s priority should be helping – because if your brand doesn’t help solve a problem, it won’t exist in the first place.

It is time to get on social media and help your audience. Digital Presence : Tips to Enhance

4. What’s the spend / What’s the digital spend?

Marketing spends used to be divided. But in a world that is indoors and on social media, it is critical to spend wisely. Also, staying organic on social media doesn’t cut it anymore.

5. What’s the idea / What’s the story?

When things are looking up, ideas sell. When people are scared, worried, and bored, stories work. Brands need to tell compelling stories – about people, about helping, and about hope.

Write to us at to find out how we can evolve your brand’s social media to help and lead in an uncertain world.