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Strategies to Attract More Customers

A consumer wants something better, more convenient, and a remarkable experience. You must figure out what you must do for them to fulfill all.

Let us make you hear that with an example.

Bring Exceptional Product Quality

A farmer sells his vendor-produced products to a farmer’s market in India, where everyday people or retailers come to purchase at a reasonable price. One day the farmer noticed the retention rate of his customers had been decreasing over the month, allowing him to think about what actually caused it.

Over an observation, he felt the quality of the products he sells is below the standard. The stall is not hygienic enough, many of his products are stale due to weather and travel conditions, the rates are not competitive, and the freshness indicates they expire quickly. wngmedia

After the future anticipation, he decided to invest in the product first, not the profit. He innovated a packaging that can store the products with an increased lifespan up to 5 times. For transportation and freshness, he discovered a unique way he calls “on-demand,” Whenever a customer asks for an unavailable product, he immediately transports the same to him within minutes, fresh from the farm.

The results observed an inclined growth when people fell in love with the packaging and quality of the products.

Thus, quality makes people brand loyal.

Cultivate Convenience with Creative Ideas

Let’s continue the farmer’s story to understand how far he can go.

With a continuation of growth, he understood the needs of every individual of what they want. The idea can further be stretched to provide more convenience and experience to them.

As the journey goes on, he decides to let people experience the freshness of the products by themselves. He thought of this idea to allow people to come to his farm and smell the originality. The execution goes like this; people can come to the farm and spread themselves with every product as anyone goes to a supermart, accessible and have a right to choose whatever they want.

When executed, people prefer to come to the farm instead of going to any market for fresh food. They get a bucket so that they can enjoy roaming around and putting anything in the basket. They can even exclusively eat a few there as a test of quality. It depends on how you can extend the customer experience with creative ideas.