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Volvo Group

Service – Internal communication

Sector – Heavy machinery & services

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Activities Involved
The Brief

The Volvo Group is one of the largest heavy vehicles, marines, industrial drive systems, and construction equipment companies in the world.

The Insights

We found that the existing communication needed to be modified to improve employee engagement and create a buzz within the company. For this purpose, we suggested branding collateral such as standees, posters, and banners. We also suggested that the initiatives must be Indianised to make them more appealing to employees.

The Challenge

The challenge for the Volvo Group in India was to establish a separate identity from that of the car company which is owned by Geely but shares the name Volvo. This meant innovative creatives that showcase its range of products.

Integral to India

With a 20-year presence in India, Volvo group wanted to showcase its commitment to Make in India. This meant a series of messages that turned the focus on its legacy of innovation.

Going Green

We designed and launched the new look for the Volvo CSR initiative in India, centered around the three pillars of sustainability, education, and mobility.

Work With People

We designed and executed the communication around the launch of the new referral system where Volvo employees were incentivised to recruit their friends into the company.