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Service – Internal and social media communication

Sector – Publishing

Website –

The Brief

In today’s material world, mankind’s constant quest for spirituality is never-ending. There is a pertinent need for a spiritual companion – a friend, philosopher, and guide – who helps us through life’s journey. This is Soulveda, a spirituality, well-being, culture, and happiness magazine.

The Solution

We identified the target audience for Soulveda, and designed and created engaging communication solutions including gifs, videos, and creatives. These served as daily posts, special posts for events and festivals, awareness posts, and inspirational quotes.

The Insight

We found through research that the target audience belonged to an age group of 18-35, who were active users of social media. there was a requirement to create a plan based on search and social media to come up with new and better communication solutions to attract this TG.

Activities Involved
Life’s to be Celebrated

Special posts for events and festivals celebrated around the world.


Remembering men and women who shook the world, gently.

Awareness Campaigns

Social media posts that shine the light on important issues.

Words and Thoughts 

Campaigns based on themes; Poetry & Philosophy

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