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Service : Web / App Development

Sector : Construction Chemicals


The Brief

Being one of the largest manufacturers of construction chemicals, this client had to reach a very specific audience. Our work aimed to create a strong visual impact in events including dealer meetings and other industry-specific occasions.

The Solution

Information is power. We made a way for Fosroc to push the construction industry into the digital age by putting the right information in the right hands and giving them the power to choose the best.

The Insight

Reaching the construction engineers and managers is the key to driving the adoption of a host of advanced construction chemicals. A mobile app was the best way to achieve this as we could deliver the right information to each person’s end!

Activities Involved
Mobile App Installation

A comprehensive mobile app was developed through which construction teams could find the right chemicals for the right application. They could also download technical details and application methodologies before using them. The latest update to the app will enable people to contact Fosroc engineers directly for support and even order the materials which will be delivered by the nearest dealer.

Tutorial Video – Watch and Learn

We developed a video to demonstrate the application of some of the most innovative products from the company.


New Horizons

A whole set of collaterals were made to invite people to the launch of the latest Fosroc plant and showcase to them a range of new offerings.

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