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Unlocking Growth for Alcon India

Here’s how we helped one of the largest eye-care organizations in the world with powerful brand strategy and 360-degree campaigns.

Service – Advertising

Sector – Healthcare

Website –

The Brief

Alcon is a medical organization specializing in eye care. With the help of innovative and life-changing vision products, they are helping millions with their eyesight.

Activities Involved
The Insight

Cataract and its treatment.

After discovering a new key element of communication that could help raise awareness among the millions suffering from the disease, we determined that leveraging WhatsApp and Video would be the most effective channels for reaching them. By connecting with these individuals through these prime media channels, we established a stronger connection and increased our reach.

Media Utilized
  • Magazines (ads in Hello 6e, Spice Route)
  • Newspapers (ads in English and 8 regional languages across India)
  • Radio (prime-time ads on 22 stations across India)
  • In-clinic posters (eye clinics, hospitals, and counselling centers)
  • Educational videos (accessed by scanning a QR code)
  • Digital booklet (requested by messaging a WhatsApp number)
The Solution
  • Launched and sustained an awareness campaign across platforms
  • The primary messaging platforms were print ads: Newspapers, Magazines, and Posters.
  • The secondary messaging platforms were WhatsApp and Video.
  • A dedicated WhatsApp number was mentioned in each creative, allowing people to send a custom message to receive more information about Cataract on their phones.
  • A QR code was incorporated into each creative, scanning to which users could watch an educational video.
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