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Service – Social Media

Sector – FMCG

The Brief

Cycle Pure Agarbathies is the flagship brand under NR Group based in India, and a leading manufacturer of incense sticks, dhoops, and sambranis. The brief was to create a social media presence for the brand targeted at a very specific type of audience, to build a loyal following with messaging that resonated with their lifestyle.

The Insight

Extensive research showed that the target audience has a strong affinity towards religion, tradition, and culture. Therefore our creative strategy for Cycle Pure brought the sizable impact.  

The Solution

The challenge was to Identify the content buckets to attract the relevant audience set. The key channels that we focused on were Facebook and WhatsApp to generate leads and create brand awareness with the help of social media for Cycle Pure..

Activities Involved
Festive Spirit

Social media posts about various rituals and practices became an important aspect of the social media presence of the brand.

Special Events

Messages for the brand’s social media channels that highlight what the brand is doing for special occasions.

LIA Agarbathies

A separate social media page was created for Lia Agarbathies, and relevant content buckets were planned for the target audience for Cycle Pure.

Comic Strips

Short stories that struck a chord with the audience, emphasizing the brand’s connection to Indian culture and heritage.

Daily Posts

GIFs, videos, posts, and contests that set Cycle Pure apart from the rest on Facebook.

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CYCLE PURE Casestudy