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B2C communication

Pace Ahead of the Competition With Effective B2C Communication

The B2C market has witnessed a communication revolution across the world in recent times with the advent of digital customer service. Customers sometimes may not consider the benchmark efficacy and effectiveness and versatility customer services. But businesses try to innovate their customer service strategies to pace ahead of the competition in the market.  

A business cannot simply offer multiple digital channels to communicate and position its products. It also understands how to service the customers. Providing customer service means helping customers to view and interpret the communication under one visible customer profile account. The digital customer service strategy improves overall communication, engagement and experience between the customer service team and consumers.

We can analyse some of the top-notch customer service strategies that impact the B2C communication landscape with tremendous results in business customer relations. Hence, a business must discover innovative channels for communication to stay tuned to the market scenarios as a customer-oriented business. Following are the effective tools that can be used for B2C communication.   

Email Communication

Email communication is one of the most preferred for B2B communications; a business uses for multiple purposes. The process is easy, effective and impactful for customer communication. And the most notable advantage customers get is that it’s accessible through any device. Hence, email marketing as a tool has bridged the gap between businesses and customer. 

Text Messaging

Sending messages to prospects and customers makes a good impact and creates further possibilities. It’s one of the impacting B2B communication processes for any business today. Being highly cost-effective, quick and efficient, it signals every product to go for it. Therefore, every business should use this communication channel for their business. The messaging could be on a product launch, offers, discounts, launching new stores, shipping or delivery, service and much more. This strategy can help you stay connected to the market.

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging is another communication channel a business can effectively share messages with customers; this is administered through a mobile app but not through the text messaging app on the mobile. Any business can have an app to send messages to customers that updates them with the prices and offers. Such innovative tools for marketing communication can improve your product engagement, sales and marketing and enhance the product experience. 


On the other hand, GoogleMyBusiness offers immense opportunities for every business and product to have an online presence. Apart from this, a product also gets the boon to interact with customers directly. Businesses get good organic traffic to their website in search engine results on various devices. With these, one can have their website and can use it for call tracking, messaging and Google reviews.  

Live Web Chat

Today’s responsive websites are more empowered to engage customers for better engagement and customer experience. With the invention of Web Chat driven by artificial intelligence, both businesses and customers alike get hugely benefited. Web Chat as an innovative tool becomes a very convenient channel of B2B communication as a result customers and business saves their time and resources.

Social Media Applications

In the present scenario, no business functions without social media applications. As a common digital channel, it’s used by a business. With around 52% of social media users in India and 84% and 82% of social media users in Europe and North America, social media has been so powerful for engaging and influencing people. A business can create better opportunities for sales and marketing on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. While this enhances sales and marketing, you can also have a lot of options for messaging, calling, and getting directions. All of which involve customer service communications.

As a full-fledged digital marketing agency, White and Grey Media helps businesses to be visible in the crowded market to enhance sales and marketing using powerful digital channels for B2C communication.