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Video Marketing

Video marketing – Make it your brand’s Vehicle

Video marketing as a communication began in 2005 with the launch of YouTube. And later, in 2006, Google bought it, and by 2009 it transformed various formats for this platform. The introduction of this technology took a new channel to create videos for brand awareness and promotion in the market scenario. As the technology to create video became easier, marketers took advantage of it in their favour. And then, with the advent of smartphone technology again, the production and consumption of videos became higher and more convenient for people around the world.

Let’s see what exactly video communication does: Services

Video marketing enhances social shares

As per the study, video is one of the most consumable content types now on social media for the target audience’s engagement.

  • The platforms such as YouTube and TikTok have always been the centre of videos
  • Social media, like Facebook and Instagram, also focus on videos
  • Platforms that don’t focus on native video uploads even stress the power of this medium
  • Twitter also emphasises video content as it gets more and more engagement
  • People watch around one billion videos a day on Pinterest
  • More importance is given to videos by the brand marketers   

It enhances SEO and boosts conversion

The percentage of video uploads is on the rise in the marketing context. Videos improve customers’ engagement and interaction with the brand and increase traffic to the website. Videos create a lot of buzz in the market, enhancing brand awareness greatly.

A handy tool for marketers

In the current scenario, marketers and sales professionals are taking the road of video marketing to promote their brands. They opine that video marketing has transformed not only the marketing space but also the buying tendencies of the customers. It’s a powerful tool for customer acquisition, loyalty, and generating new leads.

Targets mobile users

In today’s market context, brands are highly focusing on video marketing as it appeals to the target group of all age groups in the market. Videos appeal to mobile users, and they consume a lot of them. A survey says people mostly prefer the mobile to watch videos over the computer. Using this medium, you can create product awareness and position your brand. Hence, video marketing is an unavoidable strategy for sales and marketing.

Videos build trust A significant chunk of people watches videos every day. The content could be of any field, but if the content is authentic and appealing, and persuasive, it’d undoubtedly attract the audiences in the market. Authentic content builds trust, loyalty, and faith in the brand. As per marketing research, just one good video is sufficient to take on your competitors. Hence, it’s time to check where you are in video marketing. Let your brand excel with powerful video communication tool.