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Jingle on the way

Jingles all the way with the best creative agency

How many of these ad jingles do you remember today?

Back in the day, every ad was treated as an occasion, not just an attempt to grab your attention for the shortest of seconds. There were many an ad that had tunes that would give today’s Bollywood songs a run for their money. How many of these delightful jingles do you remember? .

1. “Washing powder Nirma”

Simple, elegant, and iconic. Not enough words can describe one of the oldest and catchiest jingles of all time. Even today the jingle is fondly remembered by people and at its time helped turn Nirma into a household name.

2. “Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream”

Fondly remembered by many for its wedding theme and great music, the ad was a smash success. The jingle an even bigger one, enduring even today.

3. “Hamara Bajaj”

The original. Every bike ad today has tried to emulate the spirit and style of the now famous Bajaj ad. Nationalism, a feeling of family, and a sense of pride in owning Bajaj, nearly every sentiment was conveyed picture perfect.