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5 Reasons Why Branding Matters

Branding has a decisive role to play in the market and its importance is immense marketing growth. Though the company’s authenticity makes a big difference as agreed by 90% of consumers to create the influence in people’s mind to drive them to change their decision to purchase. Here we’ll discuss 5 Reasons why branding matters for your company.

Branding drives growth

Why is effective branding so crucial? Why is it becoming more and more important in the business ecosystem? Since branding is the foundation of effective marketing, it is crucial unavoidable. It also embodies the company’s identity, and core values in an appealing way. Branding helps organisations standing out from the competition.

Generates revenues

Whether a business target in domestic or international markets, branding has always been crucial. A brand’s revenue can improve by up to 30% when it is consistent in advertising across platforms, including social media. Thus, branding is the act of creating a strong perception of the organisation and its goods or services. It gives the company a purpose and even humanises it to bring it closer to the target consumer.

Builds brand value

With visual identification of a brand, it consists of the mascot, website, logo, colour scheme, typography, and other supporting assets like business cards, flyers, and brochures. These brand assets create a strong sense of brand value among people. White and Grey Media impeccably helps brands grow with their marketing goal.

Drives marketing

  • Design of products collaterals
  • User experience across social media, online, in-store, and in digital newsletters
  • Tactics for both pricing and providing services
  • Promotions and advertising
  • Creative strategies
  • Market analysis and case studies

Creates brand impression

Additionally, branding is a marketing force which modifies the company’s brand to satisfy the target market’s current needs, and expectations of the customers. The best thing it does is to acquire new customers, inspires loyalty, and enhances credibility.


Concluding with the answer to the question “why branding matters?.” It’s branding that disrupts the opinions of people and lead them to change their mind and switch to a different product. Branding could be a feature, a name, symbol, logo or design that introduces the company and helps it stand out from the rest. Aim big for your brand with White and Grey Media. Stay connected to not just know 5 Reasons why branding matters, but more.