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Wipro foundation is the sustainability arm of Wipro limited. It serves as the umbrella organization for dozens of initiatives in education, community, environment, business practices, and more. Sustainability at Wipro is all about good citizenship, which stems from the belief that corporations are socio-economic citizens and that their objectives have to be congruent with society’s goals. 

The Brief

The initiatives were spread out, but the challenge was to showcase these initiatives under one umbrella in a single portal.

The Solution

We created an umbrella portal to house all of these initiatives together. The initiatives were categorized into four broad categories (education, community, environment, and sustainability), each following a unique color palette. We organized and edited content, reduced the number of pages, and simplified navigation. We designed a complete UI/UX.

The Insight

With the existing website, the end user needed to understand that each sustainability initiative was under a single umbrella, not a common thread to unify them. The initiatives had to be classified into distinct domains to simplify the user’s journey through the website.

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Separate Initiative Sites Integrated
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Infographics Visualized
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Pages Analyzed, Simplified and Organized
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Single Site Created
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New Pages/Sections Designed

Wipro Earthian

Wipro Earthian is India’s largest sustainability education program for schools and colleges. The Earthian awards program which is conducted every year is designed as a catalyst for fostering excellence in sustainability thinking and action among young students across the country.

The Brief

Showcase the hundreds of student submissions each year to highlight the initiative’s impact.

The Solution

We suggested creating an archive website that could be accessed from anywhere, where all the submissions over the years would be digitized and presented in engaging media formats such as flipbooks, videos, and pdfs. A map of India with the locations of all the participating schools would serve as the primary search tool. The search could be narrowed based on three other parameters.

The insight

The participants shared physical copies of their submissions, stored at Wipro as hard copies. This made it difficult for schools and colleges to display their submissions anywhere else.          

Campaign Architecture


  • 50 PDFS, 30 FLIPBOOKS, and 20 Short videos with unique search parameters across India.


  • NAME of the SCHOOL
  • YEAR (2016 ONWARDS)