Video has transcended traditional film, television, and even YouTube formats into a device-agnostic, user-driven, social phenomenon with the potential for unparalleled impact. This means it’s not just an option, but an essential weapon in your marketing arsenal, and you need a partner who can ideate, create, and share novel content that syncs with the rest of your communication strategy.

Short forms

Short video clips that capture a message in an engaging audio-visual form has become so common that they are everywhere – from YouTube ads and video to Instagram and WhatsApp. They have thus become powerful tools to reach potential audiences and keep existing followers engaged, entertained, and enlightened.

Long forms

The era of reading instructions and finding solutions in manuals is over. This is a time where digital natives want everything explained through well-made videos. You need someone to script, shoot/animate, edit and share these videos on the right platforms.


Users have begun to distrust text-based reviews and testimonials with the rise in fake news. This means testimonials from your clients need to be authentic – and a professionally produced client testimonial video is exactly that – lending you that critical edge in winning the next client.


With video producing becoming as simple as owning a mobile phone, vlogs and video podcasts have become an effective way to reach a loyal audience – especially with popular influencers gaining more and more of a following in every imaginable field.