Many brands have figured out that how consumers experience a brand is paramount to enhancing the brand message. That is why a third of CMOs say experiential marketing would account for at least 20% of their marketing budgets in the next three to five years. It demands seamless ideation, architecture, development, technology, artistry, and production – all what we offer.

AR/VR activations

Powerful augmented and virtual reality devices are infusing new life into an already engaging activity – activations – the act of giving your customers an experience they will never forget.

Pop-up installations

Instead of asking your customers to come to you, you can go to them. Stalls, booths, and interactive installations placed in strategic locations are an excellent way to engage with an audience that is already primed for an experience – in malls, fairs, and at events.

Influencer events

A single post by an influencer can make or break your brand. That’s why communicating with the right influencers and working with a select few will go a long way for you brand. This is what you can achieve through planned events that work just like traditional press meets.