Bridging the online-offline divide

Three days ago, as I was scrolling through a friend’s blog where she had just posted about her latest trek, I saw an ad for a great pair of shoes. Without giving it much thought, I clicked it. Since then that ad has followed me wherever I go, like a bad penny. I know how it works; how advertisers use advanced algorithms to target potential customers. But in a country like India, where access to the online world is still growing, how do you bridge the gap between the online and the offline worlds?

Here are two interesting ways in which White & Grey Media has achieved just that.


Who doesn’t love a video?

Indians have become famous for their voracious appetite for videos. (Read about how it has crashed millions of phones) We decided to take advantage of this to educate people about cataract and corrective surgery by incorporating a QR code in the printed communication for a leading eye-care company.

When readers scan the code, they can watch a video about how cataract is formed, how it can be removed, and about advanced lens options used in modern cataract surgery.


Just send a message for more!

Every ad has a call-to-action. It asks the reader to do something. With messages related to health care, if you just say “Ask your doctor for more info, the effectiveness of the ad is lost. Not many people will remember the ad and actually talk to their doctor about it. The solution therefore, is to give readers the information as quickly as possible.

This involved establishing a dedicated WhatsApp number to which readers could send a custom message. The client could then instantly reply with PDFs, videos, and other messages to educate the audience about various health issues.

That has really helped bridge the online-offline divide!

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