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10 things to do for your brand during Coronavirus lockdown

As brands scramble to figure out the long-term effect the corona virus pandemic will have on business, it is easy to neglect what you are doing right now. While some brands have responded beautifully, and others have a robust strategy that has worked for them, many brands are just not able to make the shift to a communication strategy that is completely digital and driven by social media.

So here are 10 things you can do right now for your brand on social media.

1. Be human

Isolation and uncertainty can be a dangerous combination. So empower your team to reach out to people and help stay connected.

2. Lend a hand

Your brand solves a problem. Your audience need not have that problem right now, but you can still help them. Lend a hand and help.

3. Nudge behaviour

Everybody struggles when you can’t do what you have been doing for the last 10 years. Use social media to nudge them to try something else.It is time to get on social media and help your audience.

4. Fight fake news

You have an audience and their attention. Share correct information and fight fake news

5. Form a community

Bring the various people who are part of your brand together. Make sure they feel they belong.

6. Listen and understand

This is an excellent opportunity to listen and understand how your stakeholders think and feel. You will then be able to serve them better.

7. Articulate a mission

It is easy to feel helpless. But social media offers unique opportunities to empower people to not just survive but thrive.

8. Entertain

People now have the opportunity to slow down and focus. Give them something they can notjut watch and forget but explore and think about.

9. Encourage

In the rush of daily work, people neglect their hobbies and interests. Use social media to encourage people to go back to what they love. Who knows, one of them might come up with something your business can leverage! (see point 6)

10. Educate

As the world changes, it is important for all of us to learn new skills and adapt. Leverage social media to help people learn the skills – especially when the have the time.

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