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ROGM is a market research company, owned by Netscribes (a market intelligence and content services company) that sells reports related to various industries and their investment opportunities. Their objective was to generate awareness and leads in the US and Canada market.


We found that most people were aware of Netscribes, but ROGM as a brand was not well known. In order to generate leads we felt a need existed to increase brand visibility and bring more visitors to the website. For this purpose we devised creatives that led people to the website and increase the number of visits. To encourage people to spend more time on the website we suggested and implemented blog articles. These activities were to be supported with social media and Google AdWords.

The solution

We created a comprehensive go-to-market strategy by conducting secondary research on US market, competitors and the personal profile. The key channels that we focussed on were Google Ads, search engine optimization, LinkedIn, Email, Quora and Facebook to generate leads and create brand awareness on social media.


We initiated a process of capturing the key information from various reports for Facebook posts using infographics. This teased the information and insights that is available with each report.

material 1

Short emailers with key insights and special offers were created to target specific audiences This example shows a special offer of a Q&A session with an expert when someone downloads a sample report.

material 2
Insider blog

We also undertook the task of ideating and writing blog posts on relevant topics. These were related to current events and news stories that had a bearing on various industries.

material 1

Along with the interesting insights and in-depth data that was visualised for Facebook posts, we also made the brand more relatable with specific posts that commemorated special occasions.

material 2

3700% Increased web visits

55.73% Reduced bounce rate

83 Qualified leads

3.28s. Increased average time on the website